studio setup 2013

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a short overview on my setup for making electronic music

In my actual setup, everything that makes sounds comes out of ableton. so the video is more about controlling, than sounds or audio…

I use 2 Lemur parallel (iPad and Jazzmutant hardware), and get midifeedback on both. That means, changing values in any interface, will be reflected on all devices.

Isn´t so special? true, in days of networks it should have been standard…and I know there are some nice plug and play devices that are ultra coupled with software and for sure give feedback,… but between devices it is sometimes tricky.

I use at least 10 midiports to achive this on PC*:
*(it differs on mac, based on IAC and Lemurports)

active INs in ableton [track/remote]:

  • maple midi 1 = Jazzmutant Lemur, Midi target 0 out
  • loop midi 1 = Liine iPad Lemur, Miditarget 0 out
  • loop midi 3 = Liine iPad Lemur, Miditarget 1 out
  • loopbee = max/msp, Sequencomat [+sync in case of master]
  • Akai MPK 61
  • Arturia Analog factory
  • Tascam = as external gear: Doepfer Pocket Control DIRECT
  • active OUTs in ableton [remote]:

  • maple midi 2 = Jazzmutant Lemur, Midi target 0 in
  • loop midi 2 = Liine iPad Lemur, Miditarget 0 in
  • loop midi 4 = Liine iPad Lemur, Miditarget 1 in
  • This way, I got feedback on my Lemur. (While feedback on hardware controllers is not possible, misses motor encoders) ;)

    tonvibration studio setup 2013


    Lemur goes Ipad

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    During the last week I did some tests with the new Lemur for Ipad App from Liine. Great!
    Nearly everything works out of the box and colors and shapes on lemur look so bright…. :)
    Here is a first video:

    The app is out for about a week now and I ve already started to resize my modules to Ipad resolution. I will upload them soon to the new Liine user Library.
    Sequencomat is also working, here I show version 3lite. Well, visual feedback is less fluent as on original lemur as you can see in some parts of the video, but at all it works. Next I will try the full version 3.3….
    Nice to see Lemur living further on Ipad :)
    I attached a zip with all modules in the video and Sequencomat in the thread in the forum:
    Any feedback is highley welcome!

    “Claviamat” Midi Keyboard for Touchscreens

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    Claviamat is a 5 octave 12 tone chromatic keyboard.

    You can download Claviamat in the Jazzmutant User area.

    Sure – I still prefer a normal hardware midikeyboard…. but sometimes midikeys on the lemur are nice.
    And this module got 2 functions a hardware keyboard can not provide:

    Switch mode let you turn notes on and off.

    Sustain adds some notelength after you leave the pad. you see it in the glowing pad lights.

    You can combine both modes. Add a layer in switch mode, then deactivate and play a melody at the top with sustain on or off. The notes “switched on” during switch mode will stay on until you press them again (and switch them off)

    Zip contains 3 modules (9% Lemur memory each)
    - fullscreen 5 octaves
    - halfscreen 3 octaves
    - halfscreen 5 octaves
    You can add them to any of your Projects….

    Keyvelocity controlled by green horizontal slider at the top

    Sustainlength (0-10 seconds) controlled by blue horizontal fader.

    Midichannelchange with drop down menu. (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

    Programmchange with up-down-buttons (on halfscreen) or rotary (on fullscreen; has to be executed by little button above)

    KeyOctaveChoice (-2 – +4) (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

    When inserting Claviamat into a project it sends some Midinotes on chosen channel…. don´t know why….sorry

    Claviamat (Claviature + mat) is based on Scalomat (a 7 tone masterkeyboard with adjustable scales).



    lemur-interface-running-on-ipad ?

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    hmmm…. just bought an Ipad ;)

    Sequencomat V3 lite

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    is the little brother of the full version 3.3.
    It has less functions, but still a mighty stepsequencer and it runs paralle with the full version! (so full users got  now 14 tracks of stepsequencing)

    Setup of the new “lite” version is the same as on full version, but sets (and patterns) of lite version and the version are not compatible.  To run both sequencers at once, make one a midi clock master and the other a slave….. or slave both to another clock source.

    SequencomatV3_lite got:
    - 6 tracks with 16 steps each
    - 3 clock options (Midimaster, Midislave, Rewireslave)
    - independent trackvalues for timing, play direction, Midichannel, steprange, startpoint
    - stepvalues for octave, note, velocity, length
    - a global swing function
    - rollpad
    - 50 patterns to save and jump in realtime
    - set and patterns saved via max

    SequencomatV3_lite is available in the Jazzmutant user section…. for free!

    However there is still a noticable gap between free lite and paid full version.

    To mention some aspects:
    - 6 tracks vs 8 tracks on full version
    - no random step values at all
    - no step propability
    - a global swing instead a detailed swing independent on each track
    - no pattern chains
    - no exclude function
    - no autosave
    - only 50 patterns instead 100 patterns
    - only chromatic scale instead of free definable scales
    - no split of midiport

    …and much more
    To illustrate: While full version is 5.8 MB, the lite version is only 2.3 MB.

    Complete manual of full version and setup here.

    Sequencomat V3.3

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    Here is a new video about my Sequencomat – that Midi stepsequencer I made in MaxMSP for the Jazzmutant Lemur…. was about time – the last video is 9 month ago and introduced V3.2, while I release V3.3 in March…

    Here I demonstrate some new functions in V3.3:

    • free definable scales, using a pentatonic based on D#
    • random on note
    • transpose (scale dependent)
    • color scripts, changing all control colors
    • autosave
    • and more…

    For details see the manual of Sequencomat V3.3:

    binarylab structure01

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    …another great piece of art – as I like both the visuals and the music.
    From my long term buddy: Alfred (Huber) Gregl.
    Love your style! It is really deligthfull to be creative with you for so many years :)
    What kind of creatures are they?
    And is it microcosm or macrocosm?
    great work!

    Florian von Ameln – imperfect objects for perfect moments

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    a friend of mine has made an awesome album:

    I met Forian in Aachen some years ago. Together with Daniel he had a local radio show called Beatboxer and we did some jams. During last year, Florian always answered the typical question”new tracks?” with “yeah wait….i am planning to do an album.” So now here it is and……wow!

    Florian, deep respect!  – it really was worth waiting.

    lovin it

    SequencomatV3 colors

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    During the last year I was so busy in adding new functions to the sequencer, that I forgot an important thing:
    How beautyfull the colors of the Lemur are!

    So I made a new Lemurmodule, where you can change the color of the controls with one click on a dropdownmenu. You got 6 predefined colors and you can even build your own color shade by only changing the color of some special controls in the Jazzeditor, then press a button and the colors are routed to all other controls (with same meaning) via some scripts.

    You can learn more about Sequencomat colors here:

    The new Lemurmodule “SequencomatV3_3colors” works with the same maxpatch as normal V3.3.
    You can use either the old standard Lemurmodule or the new one, but not both at once.
    “SequencomatV3_3colors” claims 42% Lemur memory (1% more than normal module).

    ambitious intelligence – ambient video

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    Ambient songs 2010-2011

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    A colaboration of ambient songs I did during the last time.

    mostly recorded without(!) Sequencomat!
    pure keys and twirls;)

    Ambient by tonvibration