Common Lemur Interfaces

I host a series of Interfaces for the Jazzmutant Lemur. All of them deal with Midi-interaction in common and are not bounded to any special DAW or software.

Below are some pictures – click to see template and download.

Explore more interfaces on JM user section.

While my work has driven me deeper and deeper into interface programming, I had less time on finishing songs. I like jamming and so I started to record more and more spontanious sessions… (

But high quality creative work needs some kind of “finishing”: a well thought arrangement, a good mix, maybe rethinking the sounds… it is more than recording sessions.

The problem is – you can´t do both. It is not only a matter of time, taken while messing around with programming… also your point of view changes. After you had finally (after hours / days / weeks…) a quite bug free version of your template, it is really difficult to turn the switch again and make music with it…I guess thats why most demo-videos are some kind of boring ;)

After being an active developer for a time, I will now try to concentrate more on music for a while….anyway, If you got interesting control ideas  drop me a mail….