About me

My name is Matthias Wille (email), born 1973 in Offenbach/Germany, lived for a long time in Aachen (”Aix la Chapelle” near the Belgium/Netherlands border), now relocated to Dortmund (Ruhr area).tonvibration12
I make electronic music for more than 25 years now, started in the late 80s with a drumcomputer and soon some synths and a sampler followed. Together with some friends I have made a few records on diverse local labels in the early nineties (Suck me Plasma, Music Research, Kickdown Records). In 1999 I founded my homepage ( and start releasing my songs there. I like doing live-sessions, which are more free improvisations than planned shows. During the last years my music was focussed on repetitions and iterations, patternmusic done with Sequencomat (patterns at soundcloud)

Beside making music in my “real” life I studied psychology with a focus on ergonomics (curriculum vitae). I worked in the field of driver assistence for many years. Together with an interdisciplinary team at the unversity I developed a assistance system for truck drivers, designed the HMI and evaluated the strain of the drivers in driving simulator experiments. My PHD focused on the “self-induced speed variation“, a new phenomen which was thought to be unsystematic for a long time. I was invited speaker at many international conferences and published papers….

Here I tried to bring these both factors together and develop interaction designs for music purpose.


The new technical possibilities bring a freedom to music interaction that was never given before, as I describe in an essay I once wrote.

I program interfaces on the Jazzmutant Lemur – a multitouch monitor with an editor for arranging the controls – giving me the opportunity to make fast prototypes of the interaction ideas I have. The appearance of the singel controlitems (Fader, Slider, Knobs) is predefined by the Lemur, so the focus is clear on interaction and the combination of controls.

My moduls deal with common controls like stepmodulation of MidiCCdata, new ideas for note entry or sequencing, so they can be used from a wide spread of people, which gives me a quite good standing in the community and many downloads. The Lemur is a tool I work with, but I´m not bound to it. I programm my sequencers and more complex interactions in Max/Msp and sometimes I use Glovepie (a free input outpot modulator for PC). I´m also interested in interaction design while building hardware controllers. So if you build any kind of music interface, drop me a line, I´m always interested in that!

After doing music-intefaces in fulltime for a year, I now have a new regular job at the federal institute of occupational health and savety ( Within a scientific project I do research on chances and risks (concentration, stress and strain) indicated by head-mounted displays for blue collar workers as used in e.g. maintenance.

My future focus will be now more again on making music than on building interfaces and coding. Because I never managed to push both in the same way: If you code, you code. You got music ideas and your topic is music, but it is not making music. Even worse, once you got a perfect interface, you do not know what to do with it. (Sounds weird, but was my expereience!) So you need time and a bit distance to find your music inspiration again…

I will keep hosting my Sequencer series (Sequencomat) for new iPad lemur from Liine and Jazzmutant, but there is no further development… and I hope now to find more time for making music :)