Scalomat – new way to enter midinotes

This entry was posted on Sep 29 2009

The Scalomat is another kind of masterkeyboard for the Jazzmutant Lemur.

It consists of 5 octaves and 7 tones each octave. On a normal keyboard you got 12 tones each octace, but most common scales use only 7 tones. So the scalomat helps you staying in your scale while playing along.

You choose your keynote on the first rotary – 0 stands for C, 5 for F, the numbers indicate the semitone-steps.
The other 6 semitones are always relative to your keynote.

Also you can change your midichannel, activate notelength (for a delayed noteoff message, indicated by the pads light), enter switch-mode (the scalomat holds the tones until you press them again) or add 2 additional tones (the pitch of these tones is always relative to the pad you play).

As long as the Lemur is not pressure-sensible, you enter the keyvelocity on the big fader at the right.

In version 6 you can also save your settings to 8 presets and recall them later.

You can download the Scalomat from the jazzmutant┬┤s homepage.

For technical questions please refer here.