Still alive 2019

This entry was posted on Feb 24 2019

Hey folks,
years passes by, and I focused more on my day job as research group manager at the university. I am still making music and use the Lemur, but I am no more into programming new interfaces for a while now. I guess thats how it goes very often with such special application developers. As I had my toolcase for the Lemur I was fine. Actually I even stopped reading the forum on liines website regulary and than, after I while, I forgot to look at the forum at all. Suddenly I registered that Liine put their forum down [sic!]. It must had happend nearly a year ago. And no proof of live from them at all. I tried to contact them, but no answer. So, sadly, it seems Lemur is dieng a second time, after that Jazzmutant death in 2012. If anyone has more information, please drop me a mail. Meanwhile one user had thankfully opened a new forum for lemur users:
I will see that I update this page soon and make a collestion of my interfaces available. At the moment you can also still download them from the Liine user area: but who knows for how long…
Hope you are all well and kind regards

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