Ipad running Sequencomat V3 lite + full version

This entry was posted on Jan 01 2012

Here is a video showing Sequencomat V3 lite + full version
running parallel on an Ipad via WiFi connection.
Finally, it works ;)
Before I had lag in feedback and even dropouts (only visual feedback, triggering was not effected)
But changing the channel of my router helped a lot to get better feedback (as to be seen in the video).

Using an ad hoc network instead of WiFi can make communication even more fluent and save.
Well, I tested with Wifi and I am really impressed that it works :) great job, people at line!

At the moment I am still testing SequencomatV3 for Ipad, have found some beta testers in the forum.
In common all looks fine. seems that the knob object (used for BPM control and position) is somehow broken in Lemur 3.0.
Unfortunately the Endless Knobs always fall back to value 0 if touched, which is no good idea for bpm. ;) So for the moment you have to set the tempo in once at the beginning. You can make small changes by using the BPMfine knob later…. If Liine can not fix that, I will enter another control typ for bpm and position.
- The bidirectional OSC communication between Lemur and maxpatch was designed for ethernet connection on its original hardware Lemur. The full version of SequencomatV3 sends about 4000 values forth and back in realtime. On original Lemur that was never a problem (while internal 4MB memory sure was!), on Ipad it clearly depends on your network settings. Ad hoc works fine. But even wifi can work as shown in the video…. However: If lite version works, full versions works also and you can even run both.
“Offical” release of full version will be early 2012 :)
Read manual of SequencomatV3.

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