Lemur goes Ipad

This entry was posted on Dec 16 2011

During the last week I did some tests with the new Lemur for Ipad App from Liine. Great!
Nearly everything works out of the box and colors and shapes on lemur look so bright…. :)
Here is a first video:

The app is out for about a week now and I ve already started to resize my modules to Ipad resolution. I will upload them soon to the new Liine user Library.
Sequencomat is also working, here I show version 3lite. Well, visual feedback is less fluent as on original lemur as you can see in some parts of the video, but at all it works. Next I will try the full version 3.3….
Nice to see Lemur living further on Ipad :)
I attached a zip with all modules in the video and Sequencomat in the thread in the forum:
Any feedback is highley welcome!

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