“Claviamat” Midi Keyboard for Touchscreens

This entry was posted on Dec 01 2011

Claviamat is a 5 octave 12 tone chromatic keyboard.

You can download Claviamat in the Jazzmutant User area.

Sure – I still prefer a normal hardware midikeyboard…. but sometimes midikeys on the lemur are nice.
And this module got 2 functions a hardware keyboard can not provide:

Switch mode let you turn notes on and off.

Sustain adds some notelength after you leave the pad. you see it in the glowing pad lights.

You can combine both modes. Add a layer in switch mode, then deactivate and play a melody at the top with sustain on or off. The notes “switched on” during switch mode will stay on until you press them again (and switch them off)

Zip contains 3 modules (9% Lemur memory each)
- fullscreen 5 octaves
- halfscreen 3 octaves
- halfscreen 5 octaves
You can add them to any of your Projects….

Keyvelocity controlled by green horizontal slider at the top

Sustainlength (0-10 seconds) controlled by blue horizontal fader.

Midichannelchange with drop down menu. (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

Programmchange with up-down-buttons (on halfscreen) or rotary (on fullscreen; has to be executed by little button above)

KeyOctaveChoice (-2 – +4) (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

When inserting Claviamat into a project it sends some Midinotes on chosen channel…. donĀ“t know why….sorry

Claviamat (Claviature + mat) is based on Scalomat (a 7 tone masterkeyboard with adjustable scales).



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