Sequencomat V3 lite

This entry was posted on Sep 23 2011

is the little brother of the full version 3.3.
It has less functions, but still a mighty stepsequencer and it runs paralle with the full version! (so full users got  now 14 tracks of stepsequencing)

Setup of the new “lite” version is the same as on full version, but sets (and patterns) of lite version and the version are not compatible.  To run both sequencers at once, make one a midi clock master and the other a slave….. or slave both to another clock source.

SequencomatV3_lite got:
- 6 tracks with 16 steps each
- 3 clock options (Midimaster, Midislave, Rewireslave)
- independent trackvalues for timing, play direction, Midichannel, steprange, startpoint
- stepvalues for octave, note, velocity, length
- a global swing function
- rollpad
- 50 patterns to save and jump in realtime
- set and patterns saved via max

SequencomatV3_lite is available in the Jazzmutant user section…. for free!

However there is still a noticable gap between free lite and paid full version.

To mention some aspects:
- 6 tracks vs 8 tracks on full version
- no random step values at all
- no step propability
- a global swing instead a detailed swing independent on each track
- no pattern chains
- no exclude function
- no autosave
- only 50 patterns instead 100 patterns
- only chromatic scale instead of free definable scales
- no split of midiport

…and much more
To illustrate: While full version is 5.8 MB, the lite version is only 2.3 MB.

Complete manual of full version and setup here.

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