SequencomatV3 colors

This entry was posted on Jun 06 2011

During the last year I was so busy in adding new functions to the sequencer, that I forgot an important thing:
How beautyfull the colors of the Lemur are!

So I made a new Lemurmodule, where you can change the color of the controls with one click on a dropdownmenu. You got 6 predefined colors and you can even build your own color shade by only changing the color of some special controls in the Jazzeditor, then press a button and the colors are routed to all other controls (with same meaning) via some scripts.

You can learn more about Sequencomat colors here:

The new Lemurmodule “SequencomatV3_3colors” works with the same maxpatch as normal V3.3.
You can use either the old standard Lemurmodule or the new one, but not both at once.
“SequencomatV3_3colors” claims 42% Lemur memory (1% more than normal module).

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