Modumat – Stepmodulation

This entry was posted on Jan 21 2009

The “Modumat16step” is a step modulation module for the Jazzmutant Lemur. You can control the value of Midi-control-change-data (e.g. filter, volume, pan) on up to 16 steps with different tempi (synchronised and unsynchronised version). But you can also shrink the range of the steps while playing. On the right side is a range for the output of the steps controlling the minimum and maximum value. That new kind of interaction allows you to fade in your variation or a more precise variation if you only want to use a small steps. Furthermore there is a switch to interpolate the variation instead of jumping in steps.

The actual version also contains 15 presets to save your modulation and jump in between and a free routeable target (Midichannel and Controllernumber), not shown in this video. You can download the Modumat at the Jazzmutant┬┤s Homepage. Enjoy!

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