demo video v3.2 (random, propability)

This entry was posted on Nov 26 2010

I made a demo video of  the new functions in my Sequencomat_V3.2. I recorded a spontanious jam so the music is a little …weird (?)….boring (?) (cause simple 4 on the floor)… strange (?) …whatever.

I start with simple a 8th baseline and the comments demonstrate the functions quite well:

  • random on length
  • CCs (purple)
  • setting CCs
  • use range
  • step propability
  • copy/paste track
  • change note/octave
  • using different instruments (via midichannel)
  • random on CC
  • (forgot to show) random on velocity
  • switching samples through octave on drumrack
  • create grooves / swing on HH (via delay)
  • adding 1 more instrument
  • save / load / jump pattern
  • XYpad triggering
  • step mute / demute

…well…a lot of functions I go through…hope you enjoy the video. All the best, mat.

See the complete manual of Sequencomat_v3.2 here.

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