Sequencomat V3.2

This entry was posted on Sep 15 2010

Hey, I´ve updated the sequencomatV3.

V3.2 is a big update. I completely reworked the maxpatch and added some new major functions:

step propability

For each step on each track a propability can be set, if a step is played or not. More concrete it is a “unlikeliness” function, because, the higher the bars are, the more unlikely it is that a tone is played (of course only if it is activated in the stepmatrix) That way you can bring in some nice variation in the pattern. However, it might be disturbing if you have set a tone in the matrix and it is not played. Therefore I made an indicatorLED on the tracks mainmatrix showing if a tone is played or not.

8 CC attached to track

Now a CC is attached to each of the 8 tracks. Channel and Controllernumber can be set in a popup container (as shown above) and are saved within the pattern.

random step value for velocity, length, CC.

Small buttons below the MultiSlider set the corresponding step value to random, each time it is triggered it generates an new value and feedback on the slider. All stepvalues work within the range (left), so random is a bit more controlled than a pure 0-127.

The new functions are really fun. Unfortunately I have no video yet….but soon, I guess ;)

The size of the patch jumped from 2.0MB to 3.7MB and I am still fixing some minor bugs. But after all, it seems to stay stable….

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