Music-interface on CDM

This entry was posted on Mar 10 2010 (in short CDM) is one of the worldwide cheerleaders in blogging news about electronic music.

So I am very happy (and a little proud) that music-interface is mentioned in one of the posts. You can read the full post here:

…..”For his part, Mat’s own work on the Sequencomat is full of ideas, with track-independent humanization and tempo, a roll pad X/Y marked by rhythmic subdivision, step sequencers, controllers, and more. Mat’s work shows part of the appeal of the Lemur, which has evolved beyond being a simple controller to be a generator of sequencing data. Just like the old days of hooking up a sequencer modular to a bay of analog synths via patch cords, the Lemur becomes the sequencer and software like Ableton Live simply the sound source.”……

More infos about the mentioned sequencomat here:

Thanks Peter, for posting my work :)

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