Sequencomat V2

This entry was posted on Nov 19 2009

The Sequencomat V2 is the big brother of version1. Now containing individual tempo, direction, steprange and startpoint on each track. This gives you a great variability in constructing your patterns. All could be saved to 16 presets, to jump between very smooth and directly. With that feaures this is the most complex sequencer available on the Lemur right now. It includes 489 interactive graphical elements (!) and 10 pop-up containers with different layers.

You can read more about the technical details here.

With that complexity it is quite clear that this sequencer counts high on the internal Lemur-storage with 63%, but you can run it easy with additional templates like the “Loopomat” or an Ableton Live surface.

The note triggering is done in Max5 (cycling74) and it works with the free Max runtime (so you donĀ“t need to buy Max!) Futhermore it is not bounded to Ableton (or especially Max4live), you can also use it with any other rewire host (e.g. Logic-Pro, FL studio, Protools, Cubase…..)

Get this sequencer (Max5patch and Lemurtemplate) for 39,- Euro.

Just send me an email for further details
You can pay via banktransfer or paypal. I send the Maxpatch and in return.

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