Demo video Scalomat 2013

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Scalomat 2013

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I have updated the Scalomat (for previous version see:

Scalomat is a scale dependent keyboard for note entry.

  • In its actual version Scalomat fits the number of the pads per column automatically to the number of notes per scale and the vertical number of pads to the number of octaves.
  • Keynote and lowest octave can be set separately.
  • Beneath 15 standard scales selectable via drop down menu Scalomat also contains a custom scale that can be set on a little keyboard.
  • Keyvelocity can be set on the big fader on the right or it can be a random value between two ends of a Rangeobject.
  • Midichannelselection on drop down menu and additional Kill Midi switch (for accidently hung notes).
  • 3 Playstyles for Pads: “normal” – direct note on/off by touch; “switch” – switch notes on and off; “sustain” – sends delayed note off message indicated by release time on pad and controlled with a slider (0-15 seconds). Playtypes combineable during play.
  • And finally a little Programm change module for selected Midichannel.
  • Download Scalomat 2013 in the Liine user area:
    Visit the thread in Liine forum:

    ———-update 131020——-

    added more resolutions:


    Lemur goes Ipad

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    During the last week I did some tests with the new Lemur for Ipad App from Liine. Great!
    Nearly everything works out of the box and colors and shapes on lemur look so bright…. :)
    Here is a first video:

    The app is out for about a week now and I ve already started to resize my modules to Ipad resolution. I will upload them soon to the new Liine user Library.
    Sequencomat is also working, here I show version 3lite. Well, visual feedback is less fluent as on original lemur as you can see in some parts of the video, but at all it works. Next I will try the full version 3.3….
    Nice to see Lemur living further on Ipad :)
    I attached a zip with all modules in the video and Sequencomat in the thread in the forum:
    Any feedback is highley welcome!

    “Claviamat” Midi Keyboard for Touchscreens

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    Claviamat is a 5 octave 12 tone chromatic keyboard.

    You can download Claviamat in the Jazzmutant User area.

    Sure – I still prefer a normal hardware midikeyboard…. but sometimes midikeys on the lemur are nice.
    And this module got 2 functions a hardware keyboard can not provide:

    Switch mode let you turn notes on and off.

    Sustain adds some notelength after you leave the pad. you see it in the glowing pad lights.

    You can combine both modes. Add a layer in switch mode, then deactivate and play a melody at the top with sustain on or off. The notes “switched on” during switch mode will stay on until you press them again (and switch them off)

    Zip contains 3 modules (9% Lemur memory each)
    - fullscreen 5 octaves
    - halfscreen 3 octaves
    - halfscreen 5 octaves
    You can add them to any of your Projects….

    Keyvelocity controlled by green horizontal slider at the top

    Sustainlength (0-10 seconds) controlled by blue horizontal fader.

    Midichannelchange with drop down menu. (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

    Programmchange with up-down-buttons (on halfscreen) or rotary (on fullscreen; has to be executed by little button above)

    KeyOctaveChoice (-2 – +4) (Changes during noteplay can cause midihung!)

    When inserting Claviamat into a project it sends some Midinotes on chosen channel…. don´t know why….sorry

    Claviamat (Claviature + mat) is based on Scalomat (a 7 tone masterkeyboard with adjustable scales).



    Ambient songs 2010-2011

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    A colaboration of ambient songs I did during the last time.

    mostly recorded without(!) Sequencomat!
    pure keys and twirls;)

    Ambient by tonvibration

    Morton Noto

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    “Morton Noto” is a live performed ambient song on the Lemur, using my SequencomatV3 and Scalomat.

    The song is inspired by the work of Morton Feldman, John Cage and Alva Noto. These names were dropped in talk with Paul Connolly (, one of my customers, while talking about his perfect setup. So I sit there on a sunday morning and listend to the work of these great artists… and was deeply impressed. After that I decided to put these fresh input into a song. Of course I wouldn´t mess up with these guys….it was just a source of inspiration.

    Morton Noto by tonvibration

    Scalomat – new way to enter midinotes

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    The Scalomat is another kind of masterkeyboard for the Jazzmutant Lemur.

    It consists of 5 octaves and 7 tones each octave. On a normal keyboard you got 12 tones each octace, but most common scales use only 7 tones. So the scalomat helps you staying in your scale while playing along.

    You choose your keynote on the first rotary – 0 stands for C, 5 for F, the numbers indicate the semitone-steps.
    The other 6 semitones are always relative to your keynote.

    Also you can change your midichannel, activate notelength (for a delayed noteoff message, indicated by the pads light), enter switch-mode (the scalomat holds the tones until you press them again) or add 2 additional tones (the pitch of these tones is always relative to the pad you play).

    As long as the Lemur is not pressure-sensible, you enter the keyvelocity on the big fader at the right.

    In version 6 you can also save your settings to 8 presets and recall them later.

    You can download the Scalomat from the jazzmutant´s homepage.

    For technical questions please refer here.