Sequencomat v3.4 – program change

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I am currently working on an update for my Sequencomat,
this short video gives insight into some of the new functions:

The video shows in the following order:
- setup CCs for program change
- using right slider to set all values
- set stepvalues, use random
- program pattern chain
- play chain and see blinking
- see feedback on synth1 template (normal midimapping)
- and overwrite it manually

v3.4 update will be available february 2013
links and info will follow soon…

See topic at Liine:
manual of v3.3:

New features on Sequencomat v3.4:

- Program change is now transmitted via ControlChange on Controller
number 129. This means you can jump the sound stepwise if you like or
patternwise, which leads to some new musical opportunities. Controlling
the 128 programnumbers via the MultiSlider is not the best ergonomic
solution, but shrinking the range helps a bit and gives more

- Pattern chains (follow actions) can now be programmed total free,
including iterations of the same pattern and jumps across patternbanks.
Chains can be programmed on the fly during playback.

- Saved patternslots are now highlighted. This feature is an ergonomic
must have and was already integrated in v1 and v2 of Sequencomat (where
pattern saving was done in Lemur, not in max), but I missed it in v3
(cause now pattern handling was done in max and I have to fiddle out a
appropriate method to do so). Actually this feature was the reason I
started the update.

- Patternjumping can now be done with next beat. Although I am quite
proud that Sequencomat jumps pattern directly so you can play them
like an instrument some users asked me for a function where
patternjumps are done at the end of the beat. So I integrated a
dropdown-menu where you can choose between direct pattern triggering or
with next 1/2bar, bar, 2bars, 4bars.

- Next pattern to come will blink. This gives a good visual feedback for
above mentioned patternchains and triggering on beat. Blinking rate
responds to 8th of actual bpm.

- Shortcuts for 15 scales. Although you still can define your scales
totally free by entering the halftonesteps, I added shortcuts for 15
well known scales. Scales can be defined independent for track 1-4 and
5-8. They are parts of the set (not of a pattern) and can not be changed
during playback.

- 20 colortemplates. I expanded the available colors for the surface a
lot. That 20 color themes include 4 mainly grey templates and 4 user
templates, that can be built individually.

- Sets of Sequencomat v3.3 are compatible with new v3.4, but will miss
the patlight-vector for highlighting saved slots, which can be built
by saving the patterns in same slots with v3.4

The update will be available in February and all users of full license
will get a free update.

Ambient songs 2010-2011

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A colaboration of ambient songs I did during the last time.

mostly recorded without(!) Sequencomat!
pure keys and twirls;)

Ambient by tonvibration

Pattern 00 – collection

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snippets of sound by Sequencomat.

pattern_00 by tonvibration

eLFOnator2 – free VST synth

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The “eLFOnator2″ is a free VST synth I made with synth edit. It got 2 Oscillators with a filter and a LFO each. All amplifier, filter and LFO got a ADSR (attack-decay-sustain-release). The LFO section got a speed range up to selfoscillating and a fine tune, added to this. Furthermore you can route the LFO1 variation to LFO2 or vice versa. The LFO section make this synth a little unique… enjoy.

You can download the synth here. Just copy it into your VSTfolder and rescan. It comes with a little soundbank.