L’Oiseau Mecanique – My Maria

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A remix of Schuberts “Ave Maria” by L’Oiseau Mecanique (LOM).

He is one of my SequencomatV3 users and made this for a demo video of my tool.
Beneath Sequencomat, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX was used. Therefore he expanded the functionbar of Sequencomat by 1 container (far right). This showing the flexibility of the Lemur and the templates…

The song is not finished and got more demo charakter showing the functions of the sequencer… but I love it! I host it for him as long as he got no homepage till now.
L´Oiseau Mecanique – My Maria by tonvibration

Morton Noto

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“Morton Noto” is a live performed ambient song on the Lemur, using my SequencomatV3 and Scalomat.

The song is inspired by the work of Morton Feldman, John Cage and Alva Noto. These names were dropped in talk with Paul Connolly (, one of my customers, while talking about his perfect setup. So I sit there on a sunday morning and listend to the work of these great artists… and was deeply impressed. After that I decided to put these fresh input into a song. Of course I wouldn´t mess up with these guys….it was just a source of inspiration.

Morton Noto by tonvibration

Sequencomat at De:Bug

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De:Bug is one of the biggest and distinguished electronic music magazines in germany.

They mentioned sequencomatV3 on their website, read details here.

Sequencomat triggering Audio clips in Ableton

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SequencomatV3 triggers audio clips and sliced to midi beats in Ableton Live.

See sequencer description with screenshots here.

Triggering clips in Ableton is not the main focus of this sequencer, but it is possible via midirouting. Also effect on/off or everything you can route to a keyboard… CCmodulation is done by the sequencer and feedback in MU via the m4l connection. SequencomatV3 works great with MU, but also with any other DAW or even as standalone.

SequencomatV3 + Jazzmutant MU

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Showing the stepsequencer in combination with Jazzmutant MU and Ableton Live 8.

Sequencomat V3 - manual and screenshots


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live jam with SequencomatV3

triggering Ableton 8.1 in combination with Jazzmutant MU (max4live, Ableton control surface)

Sequencomat V3 and analog modular

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In the second video a real massiv modular system is triggered with Sequencomat.

wow (!)
lemur sends note data, modwheel data, midiclock.

Daniel ( /, who shot this video, is himself deep into stepsequencing. He is one of the brains behind machinedrum, the currently most beloved hardware drum machine: machinedrum
I am very happy to have him as one of my beta testers.

He enjoyed jamming with V3 very much and stated that SequencomatV3 is great tool!
thanks for your support

For a detailed description of V3 with many screemshots see here.

Sequencomat V3 triggering nordmodular

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Here is 1 of 2 videos from Daniel Troberg
( / – founders of machinedrum)

He is testing the latest beta version and I asked him to make some videos demonstrating Sequencomat+hardware …and I really enjoyed what he came up with :)

For a detailed description of V3 with many screemshots see here.

The video shows Sequencomat V3 triggering a nord modular G1 on the first 4 channels and the G2 on the 4 following. V3 is master (run its own internal max clock) and triggering the hardware directly via midirouting. That means, although you can sync to any DAW (like Ableton, Logic, Protools), you not need to, to run this sequencer…

Sequencomat V3

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A first video of my new sequencer.

SequencomatV3 is a Midi-step-sequencer in Max/Msp with a Lemur surface. It got 8 tracks with 16 steps each.

For each track you can choose the Midichannel, steprange, startpoint, timing, direction. In contrast to V2 you now also got stepvalues on each track for octave, note, velocity, length, delay. Furthermore a Breakpoint step-sequencer for CC (control change messages) and a rollpad.

It is still a beta, but release will be soon.

For a detailed description of V3 with many screemshots see here.

Sequencomat: Rollpad

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I added a new XYpad on my sequencers for rolls.

Beneath the standard function it also got a sync mode.

(The video show the free V1, but this pad will be integrated in V2 of this sequencer soon)